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 Burgher Association (Australia) Inc. Reg No 0007821F  PO Box 75 Clarinda Vic 3169 
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Burgher Association (Australia)

The Burgher Association (Australia) was founded on 2nd February 1980. The world at that time and, the world today are certainly two different places in terms of the evolution of technological, socio-economic and societal changes we Burghers as an ethnic group have had to experience.

Australia, the Lucky Country, arguably has the largest Sri Lankan Burgher Community in the world. As a group, Burghers have had to adapt to accommodate and accept the many challenges that these changes have brought. The Burgher Association (Australia) being aware of these changes, realised that if it was to continue to have relevance as part of the wider Australian community it intended to serve, it was necessary for appropriate changes to occur; thus major changes to its original Constitution were proposed and accepted by the Membership at an Annual General Meeting in October 2005. Amongst the many changes that took place and made the Association contemporary and relevant were two important amendments. These two changes made us THE representative organisation of the Burgher Community in Australia.

As a representative organisation we will also continue to be ever vigilant and respectful of the laws of Australia our adopted country in order that unscrupulous anti-social elements that necessitated our exodus from Sri Lanka do not take hold and cause our marginalisation in this wonderful country!

The Burgher tradition of family and wholesome enjoyment of life continues to be entrenched in all our activities and we believe and hope that this will continue in the generations that follow. In that context, we also recognise that those of us who are the pioneer settlers of the Burgher Community in Australia are an ageing population.

Whilst Governments of all persuasions are attempting to provide services to help Seniors to spend their retirement years in happy productive ways, The Burgher Association believes that a community organisation such as ours has a significant and useful role to play in providing services to the aged. Hence, the Association instigated the Friendship & Care group to provide such services as minimising the loneliness that ageing brings to some of our elders by home visits and, meeting in fellowship at our premises at 358 Haughton Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3169, Australia.

As a group, the current Committee of Management has further acknowledged its continuing role within our Community and plans are underway to provide better facilities at our premises by structural alterations and enhancements. Whilst these services are targeted primarily at members of our own Burgher community, we have wholeheartedly accepted that any other community group or individual requiring the facilities we offer will be provided with assistance.



To join the Burgher Association (Australia), please download, print and complete our Application for Membership form (PDF format).